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Online learning 101


Image of a keyboard and sticky note, labelled Online Learning 101

Today I have spent about 5 hours doing my online training. I was really excited – a new opportunity has popped up at work which gives me the chance to expand my technical skillset, so now I am learning about SAP Business Warehouse Query Design and Analysis. It’s an excellent opportunity as this is something I’ve been doing at work ANYWAY, without the benefit of any formal training, and while I think on-the-job training is the best kind of training you can get, you can be so much better with formal training. I’d liken it to getting on-the-job experience and then completing a Masters degree to give your skills an edge.

That said, I’m only one day into this training and while it is not necessarily overwhelming, I’m feeling whelmed. The technical detail is astounding – I never knew there was so much “SAP” terminology that wasn’t in my vocabulary. In the short few hours that I have been doing this training, I have learned SO MUCH. For example, did you know that for SAP BW, when you create a query with a BOOLEAN formula it will return a “1” instead of a “TRUE”? That’s an important discrepancy to note! But I’m not here, typing this now, to give you an indepth summary of what I’ve learned about the technical content. I am “whelmed” because of the (lack of?) interactive design and design consideration in this online training!

In a former life, I worked for a company that developed some pretty great online training. From the script, to the graphics used, to the way that the content was interacted with on the screen, every element was important. The aesthetic AS WELL AS the content. It was a firmly entrenched belief in the company I worked with, that the visual and interactive elements in an online learning piece could separate effective training from ineffective training. It was equally important that every element in the training we created, was fully quality controlled. Every single word and phrase checked, every single click, every single animation.

I think I’ve exacerbated my shoulder injury (ironically injured by spending hours and hours and hours on developing online training) by clicking, clicking, and clicking “Next Page” some more. I’ve also been so horribly frustrated by the lack of quality control. If you’re putting simulations and demonstrations in your training modules, it doesn’t ever present well when they pause unexpectedly and you sit there like a fool waiting for the demo to move forward and it doesn’t. And I don’t even feel like it’s worth commenting on the audio. What is the point of spending money on audio when it adds literally no value to the presentation?

When I think about the hours upon hours that must have been spent on writing the content, recording the demos and the simulations, and then building the course, my opinion is that SAP should feel slightly ripped off. It’s almost offensive how poorly designed and poorly quality checked this course is, and that is a real shame considering the technical content is covered so well and so in-depth.

I’m no “expert” in online learning design (but go on, ask me how to get a highly customised piece of training to work on a SCORM compliant platform and do fantastic things upon exit and enter. On THAT I count myself an expert) however if it interests you, this person is. I recommend you start at this blog post and work your way forward! Happy reading! And more importantly, happy learning.